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1st January:
303/844 Sky Christmas reverts to Sky Drama
3rd January:
325/326 Christmas24/+ reverts to Movies24/+
4th January:
302 HarryPotterHD now temporarily SkyFeelGoodHD
304/845 Sky Musicals reverts to Sky Greats
359 BoXmas reverts to The Box (UK)
5th January:
Removed: 190 mytv
Sky Drama moves from 303/844 to 311/851
Sky Hits HD moves from 303 to 311
319 Sony Christmas reverts to Sony Classic
320 Sony Xmas+1 reverts to Sony Classic+1
355 MTV XMAS reverts to MTV CLASSIC
364 Trace Xmas reverts now Trace Hits (UK)
408/862 SkySp Darts reverts to SkySp Arena
Restored: 490 BTSptBoxOffHD (UK)
Removed: 786 Abu Dhabi TV
Removed: 792 Record TV HD
6th January:
Removed: 178 Home & Health
Removed: 192 Discovery Shed
Removed: 278 HomeHealth+1
Removed: 307/847 Sky 5*Movies
Sky Action moves from 308/848 to 307/847
Sky Comedy moves from 309/849 to 308/848
Sky Thriller moves from 310/850 to 309/849
Sky Drama HD moves from 311/851 to 310/850
Sky ScFi/HorHD moves from 312 to 311
Restored: 312 Sky Prem+1, now named SkyPremiere+1
615 NickJrPAWPatrol reverts to NickJr. Too
Removed: 0214 UCB Ireland
11th January:
MTV BASE moves from 353 to 352
MTV CLASSIC moves from 355 to 353
Box Hits moves from 358 to 354 (UK)
The Box moves from 359 to 355 (UK)
Kiss moves from 360 to 356 (UK)
Magic moves from 361 to 357 (UK)
Kerrang! moves from 362 to 358 (UK)
Trace Hits moves from 364 to 359 (UK)
Trace Vault moves from 365 to 360 (UK)
NOW 70s moves from 368 to 361 (UK)
NOW 80s moves from 371 to 362 (UK)
NOW 90s moves from 372 to 363 (UK)
Clubland TV moves from 373 to 364 (UK)
Spotlight TV moves from 376 to 365
NickJr. Too moves from 615 to 613
POP moves from 616 to 614
Tiny Pop moves from 617 to 615
Nickelodeon+1 moves from 620 to 616
RTÉjr moves from 623 to 617 (ROI)
Tiny Pop+1 moves from 624 to 618
POP+1 moves from 625 to 619
POP Max moves from 626 to 620
POP Max+1 moves from 627 to 621
Nick Jr+1 moves from 628 to 622
Nick Jr. moves from 648 to 645 (UK)
NickelodeonHD moves from 629 to 623 (ROI)
Nick Jr. HD moves from 631 to 625 (ROI)
14th January:
Removed (ROI): 585 LoveWorld HD, 673 Hochanda,
787 Ahlulbayt TV
22nd January:
302 SkyFeelGoodHD now temporarily Must See HD
704 Star Bharat now Utsav Bharat
705/883 Star Plus now Utsav Plus
717/887 Star GOLD now Utsav GOLD
28th January:
Removed (ROI): 181 Forces TV, 0211 BFBS Radio
1st February:
New channel: 437 SportyStuff HD
4th February:
Removed: 509/891 CGTN (UK)
9th February:
Removed (temporary): 772 Kanshi TV
10th February:
Restored: 772 Kanshi TV
12th February:
302 Must See HD now temporarily Harry Potter HD
16th February:
Removed: 598 Celebration TV (ROI)
Removed (temporary): 598 Celebration TV, 759 A1TV
17th February:
Restored: 759 A1TV
19th February:
Restored: 598 Celebration TV (UK)
22nd February:
New channel: 190 NTD
23rd February:
Removed (temporary): 407/861 SkySp NFL
Restored: 407/861 SkySp Action
New channel: 783 Deen TV
28th February:
302 Harry Potter HD now temporarily Sky Musicals HD
1st March:
Removed: 187 Lifetime
Animal Planet moves from 189 to 178 (IRL)
Animal Plnt+1 moves from 289 to 278 (IRL)
306/846 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Kids Books
310/850 Sky Drama now temporarily SkyWomenInFilm
Removed: 760 HUM News
5th March:
311 Sky ScFi/HorHD now temporarily Sky Divergent HD
8th March:
302 Sky Musicals now temporarily RaceVsTimeHD
306/846 Sky Kids Books reverts to Sky Family
311 Sky Divergent HD reverts to Sky ScFi/HorHD
405/859 Sky Sp Golf now temporarily Sky Players
9th March:
310/850 SkyWomenInFilm reverts to Sky Drama
10th March:
New +1 channel: 202 RTÉ2 +1 (ROI)
15th March:
302 RaceVsTimeHD now temporarily SuperheroHD
New channel: 523 WION HD
TJC moves from 662 to 896
New HD channel: 662 TJC HD
16th March:
405/859 Sky Players reverts to SkySp Golf
22nd March:
New channel: 773 Pitaara
26th March:
302 SuperheroHD now temporarily SkyAdventureHD
29th March:
Temporary channel: 524 Floyd Case HD
1st April:
613 NickJr. Too now temporarily NickJrPAWPatrol
673 Hochanda now The Craft Store (UK)
Removed: 974/975 Channel 4/+1 (only appeared outside London) (UK)
5th April:
405/859 Sp Golf temp Sky Masters
8th April:
Removed: 173 BET:BlackEntTv
10th April:
302 SkyAdventureHD now temporarily Sky Oscars
13th April:
405/859 Sky Masters reverts to Sky Sp Golf
Removed: 231 ITVBe+1 (UK)
22nd April:
Removed: 534 Floyd Case HD
26th April:
407/861 SkySp Action now temporarily SkySp NFL
30th April:
Removed: 183 VICE
1st May:
302 Sky Oscars HD now temporarily MustSeeHD
3rd May:
613 NickJrPAWPatrol now temporarily Nick Jr. Peppa
5th May:
Removed: 708 Republic Bharat
6th May:
Removed: 195 BEN
8th May:
407/861 SkySp NFL reverts to SkySp Action
14th May:
302 MustSeeHD now temporarily Fast&FuriousHD
17th May:
Removed (temporary): 184 Hi-Impact TV
674 Jewellery Maker now temporarily ShoppingQuartr
21st May:
Restored: 184 Hi-Impact TV
25th May:
157 Sony Channel now GREAT! tv
257 Sony Channel+1 now GREAT! tv+1
319 Sony Classic now GREAT! classic
320 Sony Classic+1 now GREAT! class+1
321 Sony Movies now GREAT! movies
322 Sony Movies+1 now GREAT! movies+1
323 Sony Action now GREAT! action
324 Sony Action +1 now GREAT!movies+1
28th May:
302 Fast&FuriousHD now temporarily Sky Musicals HD
31th May:
613 Nick Jr. Peppa reverts to Nick Jr. Too
1st June:
TVC News moves from 515 to 524
New channels: 515 GB News HD, 794 ColorsGujarati
Removed: 518 Channels 24 (ROI)
3rd June:
674 ShoppingQuartr reverts to JewelleryMaker
6th June:
302 SkyMusicalsHD now temporarily SkyGangstersHD
19th June:
307/847 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Jurassic
21st June:
302 SkyGangstersHD now temporarily SkyFeelGoodHD
307/847 Sky Jurassic reverts Sky Action
24th June:
981 BBC RB 1 temporarily moves to 987 (UK)
Temporary channels: 982-986 BBC RB 2-6
Temporary channel: 981 BBC RB HD (UK)
Temporary channel: 987 BBC RB HD (IRL)
30th June:
Removed: 880 Al Jazeera Eng (channel now HD only)
Removed: 914 Xpanded TV2
Removed: 0151 Khushkhabri (ROI)
1st July:
Removed: 124/821 FOX, 224 FOX+1, 748 Samaa
Sky Nature HD moves from 130 to 124
302 SkyFeelGoodHD now temporarily SkySuperheroHD
303 Sky Hits HD now temporarily SkyMegaHitsHD
613 Nick Jr. Too now temporarily Nick Jr. Paw Patrol
5th July:
Removed: 186 YANGA!
8th July:
New channel: 187 That's TV Gold (UK)
12th July:
405/859 SkySp Golf now temporarily SkySp Open
13th July:
Removed: 982-986 BBC RB 2-6
BBC RB 1 moves from 987 to 982 (UK)
BBC RB HD moves from 987 to 982 (ROI)
16th July:
304/845 Sky Greats now temporarily Orig V Remake
17th July:
302 SkySuperheroHD now temporarily SkyCornettoHD
407/861 SkySp Action now temporarily SkySp Lions
19th July:
302 SkyCornettoHD now temporarily Sky Magic HD
20th July:
Removed: 422 eir Sport 2 HD (ROI)
304/845 Orig V Remake reverts to Sky Greats
405/859 SkySp Open reverts to SkySp Golf
Temporary channels: 983-989 Eurosport 3-9 HD
21st July:
404/858 SkySp Cricket now temporarily SkySp Hundred
Removed: 982 BBC RB HD (ROI)
26th July:
307/847 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Misfits
27th July:
New channel: 422 FreeSports HD (IRL)
1st August:
302 Sky Magic HD now temporarily Road Movies HD
303 SkyMegaHitsHD reverts to Sky Hits HD
2nd August:
307/847 Sky Misfits reverts to Sky Action
309/849 Sky Thriller now temporarily Sky Mystery
613 Nick Jr. Paw Patrol now temporarily Nick Jr. Peppa
8th August:
302 Road Movies HD now temporarily SkyAdventureHD
9th August:
303 Sky Hits HD now temporarily Sky5*MoviesHD
309/849 Sky Mystery reverts to Sky Thriller
Removed: 981 BBC RB HD (UK), 982 BBC RB 1 moves to 981 (UK)
Removed: 983-989 Eurosport 3-9 HD
10th August:
407/861 SkySp Lions reverts to SkySp Action
11th August:
Removed (temporary): 759 A1TV
12th August:
New channel: 774 POLITICSPUNJAB
17th August:
303 Sky 5*MoviesHD reverts to Sky Hits
Restored: 759 A1TV
23rd August:
302 SkyAdventureHD now temporarily Best of 80s HD
404/858 SkySp Hundred reverts to SkySp Cricket
Removed (temporary): 407/861 SkySp Action
Restored: 407/861 SkySp NFL
25th August:
BBC Scotland moves from 876 to 844 (UK)
Sky History moves from 825 to 821
Sky Nature moves from 893 to 822
Discovery moves from 822 to 823 (UK)
MTV moves from 823 to 824 (UK)
Nat Geo moves from 824 to 825
alibi moves from 826 to 827
TLC moves from 827 to 828
S4C moves from 828 to 829 (UK)
E4 moves from 829 to 830 (UK)
More4 moves from 830 to 831 (UK)
Quest moves from 831 to 834
E! moves from 834 to 835 (UK)
SYFY moves from 892 to 836
Crime+Inv moves from 835 to 837
Sky History2 moves from 894 to 842 (IRL)
Sky History2 moves from 894 to 840 (GB)
Nat Geo Wild moves from 839 to 841
Smithsonian moves from 889 to 843
Sky Premiere moves from 842 to 848
Sky Greats moves from 845 to 849
Sky Family moves from 846 to 850
Sky Action moves from 847 to 851
Sky Comedy Cinema moves from 848 to 852
Sky Thriller moves from 849 to 853
Sky Drama moves from 850 to 854
Film4 moves from 853 to 855
SkySpMainEv moves from 855 to 859
SkySp PL moves from 856 to 860
SkySp F'ball moves from 857 to 861
SkySp Cricket moves from 858 to 862
SkySp Golf moves from 859 to 863
SkySp F1 moves from 860 to 864
SkySp NFL moves from 861 to 865
SkySp Arena moves from 862 to 866
SkySp News moves from 863 to 867
Eurosport 1 moves from 864 to 868
Eurosport 2 moves from 865 to 869
BT Sport 1 HD moves from 867 to 870
BT Sport 2 HD moves from 868 to 871
SkySp Racing moves from 888 to 872
SkySp Mix moves from 895 to 873
BT Sport 3 HD moves from 869 to 874
MUTV moves from 870 to 875
BTSpt//ESPNHD moves from 872 to 876
Racing TV moves from 874 to 877
Sky News moves from 875 to 881
BBC News moves from 877 to 882 (UK)
CNBC moves from 890 to 883
CNN moves from 878 to 884
RT moves from 879 to 885 (UK)
TRT World moves from 881 to 886
TJC moves from 896 to 890
SONY TV moves from 882 to 892
Utsav Plus moves from 883 to 893
COLORS moves from 884 to 894
SONY MAX moves from 886 to 895
Utsav Gold moves from 887 to 896
31st August:
Removed: 0210 Newstalk
Sky Comedy moves from 113 to 114 (ROI)
1st September:
Removed: 106/806 Sky One
New channel: 106/806 Sky Showcase
Sky Comedy moves from 113/813 to 114/814 (UK)
New channel: 113/813 Sky Max
SkyDocumntrs moves from 114/814 to 121/819
Sky Crime moves from 121/819 to 122/820
Sky Arts moves from 122/820 to 130/826
Removed: 206 Sky One +1
New channel: 206 SkyShowcase+1
Sky Crime+1 moves from 221 to 222
302 Best of 80s HD now temporarily SkyFeelGoodHD
613 Nick Jr. Peppa now temporarily Nick Jr.Paw Patrol
680 Psychic Today now Direct Store TV
6th September:
303 Sky Hits HD now temporarily BacktoSchoolHD
353 MTV CLASSIC now temporarily MTV Pride
10th September:
302 SkyFeelGoodHD now temporarily Sky AssassinsHD
13th September:
303 BacktoSchoolHD reverts to Sky Hits HD
353 MTV Pride reverts to MTV Classic
18th September:
304/849 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Batman
20th September:
302 Sky AssassinsHD now temporarily Sky Music HD
304/849 Sky Batman reverts to Sky Greats
405/863 SkySp Golf now temporarily SkySpRyderCup
21st September:
Removed (ROI): 329 ROK, 593 SonLife
768 Sikh Channel, 772 Kanshi TV, 793 Iran Int'l HD
22nd September:
359 Trace Hits now temporarily Trace Xmas (UK)
23rd September:
319 GREAT! classic now temporarily Great! Xmas
320 GREAT! class+1 now temporarily Great! Xmas+1
24th September:
Removed (temporary): 759 A1TV
Restored: 772 Kanshi TV (ROI)
27th September:
302 Sky Music HD now temporarily Sky Spies HD
Restored: 759 A1TV
28th September:
405/863 SkySpRyderCup reverts to SkySp Golf
30th September:
PCNE Chinese moves from 791 to 897
New HD channel: 791 PCNE Chinese HD
1st October:
Removed: 745 Ahlebait TV (ROI)
4th October:
302 Sky Spies HD now temporarily SpaceWeekHD
5th October:
Removed: 184 Hi-Impact TV
11th October:
302 SpaceWeekHD now temporarily MustSeeHD
19th October:
Removed (temporary): 598 Celebration TV (UK)
Removed (temporary): 759 A1TV
20th October:
Removed: 117 Local TV channels (UK except London, Essex,
Kent, Thames Valley, Henley)
New channel: 195 Local TV (UK except Wales)
22nd October:
302 MustSeeHD now temporarily Sky Jokers HD
306/850 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Spooky
25th October:
311 Sky ScFi/HorHD now temporarily Halloween HD
28th October:
Removed: 421 eir Sport 1 HD (ROI)
191 Showcase now Ayozat TV
Premier 2 HD moves from 429 to 421
BoxNation moves from 427 to 429
La Liga TV HD moves from 435 to 427
29th October:
302 Sky Jokers HD now temporarily BlockbusterHD
Temporary channel: 525 Sky Climate HD
1st November:
306/850 Sky Spooky reverts to Sky Family
311 Halloween HD reverts to Sky ScFi/HorHD
Removed: 668 High Street TV 3
672 High Street TV 4 now High Street TV 3
675 High Street TV 5 now High Street TV 4
3rd November:
Restored: 184 Hi-Impact TV
8th November:
353 MTV Classic now temporarily MTV XMAS
355 The Box now temporarily BoXmas (UK)
New channel: 668 TJC Beauty
Restored: 759 A1TV
Removed: 0169 Desi Radio (UK)
12th November:
310 Sky Drama HD temporarily swaps with 303 Sky Hits HD
303/854 Sky Drama now temporarily Sky Christmas
15th November:
Removed: 490 BTSptBoxOffHD
Removed: 525 Sky Climate HD
18th November:
187 That's TV Gold now temporarily That's TV Xmas (UK)
362 NOW 80s now temporarily NOW XMAS (UK)
363 NOW 90s now temporarily NOW 80s (UK)
22nd November:
302 BlockbusterHD now temporarily SkyBestOf21HD
1st December:
613 Nick Jr.Paw Patrol reverts to Nick Jr. Too
Removed: 184 Hi-Impact TV
6th December:
New channel: 598 New Media HD
10th December:
302 SkyBestOf21HD now temporarily Sky Music HD
304/849 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky LOTR
13th December:
304/849 Sky LOTR reverts to Sky Greats
15th December:
408/866 SkySp Arena now temporarily SkySp Darts
17th December:
304/849 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky The Matrix
18th December:
302 Sky Music HD now temporarily WizardingWldHD
20th December:
304/849 Sky The Matrix reverts to Sky Greats
27th December:
362 NOW XMAS reverts to NOW 80s (UK)
363 NOW 80s reverts to NOW 90s (UK)
355 BoXmas reverts to The Box (UK)
29th December:
353 MTV XMAS reverts to MTV Classic
31st December:
187 That's TV Xmas now That's TV (UK)

1st January:
303/854 Sky Christmas reverts to Sky Drama
4th January:
319 Great! Xmas reverts to GREAT! Classic
320 Great! Xmas+1 reverts to GREAT! Classic+1
408/866 SkySp Darts reverts to SkySp Arena
Restored: 184 Hi-Impact TV
5th January:
302 WizardingWldHD now temporarily SkyMonsters HD
Sky Drama HD moves from 310 to 303; Sky Hits HD 310 to 303
359 Trace Xmas reverts to Trace Hits (UK)
Restored: 490 BTSptBoxOffHD
6th January:
325 Christmas24 reverts to Movies 24
326 Christmas24+ reverts to Movies 24+
10th January:
Removed: 492 SkySpBoxOffHD
13th January:
Zee TV moves from 709 to 898
New HD channel: 709 Zee TV HD
14th January:
302 SkyMonsters HD now temporarily SkyFeelGoodHD
17th January:
307/851 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Vengeance
19th January:
150 Paramount now 5ACTION
20th January:
Removed: 490 BTSptBoxOffHD
27th January:
New channel (relaunch): 117/845 BBC Three HD (UK)
28th January:
302 SkyFeelGoodHD now temporarily KillerMoviesHD
31st January:
Removed: 184 Hi-Impact TV
1st February:
613 Nick Jr. Too now temporarily NickJrPAWPatrol
7th February:
302 KillerMoviesHD now temporarily SkyValentineHD
Restored: 492 SkySpBoxOffHD
7th March:
302 Sky Mystery HD now temporarily SkyWomenInFilmHD
304/849 Sky Batman reverts to Sky Greats HD
307/851 Indiana Jones reverts to Sky Action
405 SkySp Golf now temporarily Sky The Players
New channel: 525 NBCNewsNowHD
673 The Craft Store now Craft Extra
29th April:
307/851 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Monsters
2nd May:
307/851 Sky Monsters reverts to Sky Action
6th May:
302 Sky Epics HD now temporarily MustSeeMoviesHD
407/865 SkySp NFL revers to SkySp Action
20th May:
302 MustSeeMoviesHD now temporarily UltActionHD
27th May:
302 UltActionHD now temporarily Sky BritsHD
304/849 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Tom Cruise
306/850 Sky Family now temporarily SkyHarryPotter
30th May:
304/849 Sky Tom Cruise reverts to Sky Greats
3rd June:
307/851 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Bourne
6th June:
302 Sky BritsHD now temporarily JurassicWrldHD
306/850 SkyHarryPotter reverts to Sky Family
307/851 Sky Bourne reverts to Sky Action
Removed: 748 NEO News
10th June:
310 Sky Drama HD now temporarily Sky Pride HD
13th June:
310 Sky Pride HD reverts to Sky Drama HD
16th June:
302 JurassicWrldHD now temporarily Bestof90sHD
Removed (temporary): 490 BTSptBoxOffHD
23rd June:
Temporary channels: 982-986 BBC RB 2-6
24th June:
302 Bestof90sHD now temporarily TrueStoriesHD
311 Sky ScFi/HorHD now temporarily Resident Evil HD
Removed: 759 A1TV
27th June:
311 Resident Evil HD reverts to Sky ScFi/HorHD
352 MTV 90s now temporarily MTV PRIDE
29th June:
139 4Music now E4 Extra
354 Box Hits now 4Music (UK)
30th June:
147 CBS Drama now RealityXtra
148 CBS Justice now Legend
317 horror channel now HorrorXtra
318 horror ch+1 now HorrorXtra+1
Removed: 181 Forces TV (UK) Removed: LaLigaTV HD
4th July:
302 TrueStoriesHD now temporarily Sky Music HD
352 MTV Pride reverts to MTV 90s
7th July:
EWTN Catholic moves from 588 to 586
Faith World TV moves from 589 to 588
KICC TV moves from 590 to 589
Faith UK moves from 594 to 590
Good News TV moves from 596 to 591
Dunamis TV moves from 597 to 592
New Media HD to moves from 598 to 594
2nd August:
New channel: 366 Classic Hits (UK)
5th August:
302 SkyAdventureHD now temporarily Sky Bourne HD
8th August:
YESTERDAY moves from 155 to 846 (UK)
New HD channel: 155 YESTERDAY HD (UK)
302 Sky Bourne HD now temporarily SuperheroHD
311 Sky ScFi/HorHD now temporarily Smr Scares HD
9th August:
304/849 CultClassics reverts to Sky Greats
16th September:
308 now temporarily SkyRomComsHD
Removed: 924 Studio 66 3
23rd September:
308 SkyRomComsHD reverts to Sky Comedy HD
29th September:
302 SkyMegaHitsHD now temporarily OrigVRemakeHD 29th March:
Direct Store TV moves from 680 to 678
QVC Extra moves from 682 to 679
Create&CraftHD moves from 683 to 673 (UK)
Craft Extra moves from 673 to 680 (UK)
Cruise1st.tv moves from 688 to 681 (UK)
31st March:
302 Best of 00s HD now EasterEpicsHD
306/850 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Adventure
303 Sky Hits HD now temporarily Spider-Man HD
Removed (temporary): 739 Noor TV
3rd April:
605 NickSpongeBob reverts to Nicktoons
Restored: 739 Noor TV
11th April:
BBC One Lon HD moves from 954 to 951 (UK)
BBC One NE&C HD moves from 955 to 952 (UK)
BBC One N West HD moves from 958 to 953 (UK)
BBC One Yorks HD moves from 956 to 954 (UK)
BBC One Yk&L HD moves from 957 to 955 (UK)
BBC One WM HD moves from 959 to 956 (UK)
BBC One E Mid HD moves from 960 to 957 (UK)
BBC One East HD moves from 961 to 958 (UK)
BBC One S East HD moves from 963 to 959 (UK)
BBC One West HD moves from 966 to 960 (UK)
BBC One South HD moves from 964 to 961 (UK)
BBC One S West HD moves from 967 to 962 (UK)
BBC One CI HD moves from 968 to 963 (UK)
BBC One Scot HD moves from 977 to 964 (UK)
BBC One Wal HD moves from 978 to 965 (UK)
BBC One NI HD moves from 979 to 966 (UK)
BBC Two Wales HD moves from 980 to 968 (UK)
BBC Two NI HD moves from 970 to 969 (UK)
BBC RB 1 HD moves from 981 to 970 (UK)
BBC RB 1 moves from 982 to 971 (UK)
12th April:
Restored: 175 ARISEPlay