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1st January:

661 Ideal Xmas reverts to Ideal Extra
2nd January:
110/166 Christmas GOLD/+1 reverts to GOLD/GOLD +1
Removed: 229 E! +1, 598 DBN, 572 TVC News +1
3rd January:
Sky Christmas HD reverts and Sky Musicals HD reverts
321/322 True Christmas/+1 reverts to True Movies/+1
408/474 SkySp Darts reverts to SkySp Arena
4th January:
Removed: 808 Star Utsav
Star Plus moves from 839 to 808, Star Gold, 809 to 839
5th January:
Sky Action temporarily moves from 307/334 to 303/330, Sky Hits 307/334 to 303/330
303/330 now temporarily Sky Heroes
304/331 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Villians
6th January:
327/328 Christmas 24/+ reverts to Movies 24/+
9th January:
673 QVC Xmas reverts to QVC Extra
15th January:
New channel: 678 Sewing Quarter
16th January:
539 Community now Together
17th January:
Restored: 598 DBN
24th January:
BBC R Cymru moves from 0154 to 0152 (Wales)
New channel: 0154 BBC R Cymru (Wales)
26th January:
Removed: 656 Tristar
27th January:
309/336 Sky Thriller now temporarily Sky Bourne
29th January:
309/336 Sky Bourne reverts to Sky Thriller
New channel: 293 Yanga!
31st January:
Removed: 353 Viva
New channel: 353 MTV Love
New channel: 656 High Street TV 1
658 High Street TV now High Street TV 2
662 High Street TV 2 now High Street TV 3
666 High Street TV 3 now High Street TV 4
1st February:
924 XXX PublicPikUp now XXX My Hot Ex
5th February:
303/330 Sky Heroes reverts to Sky Action
and moves back to 307/334
304/331 Sky Villains reverts to Sky Greats
310/337 Sky Drama now temporarily Sky Valentine
and 310 temporarily swaps with 302 Sky Prem+1
6th February:
157 Sony Channel now Sony Crime
181 Sony Chnl +1 now Sony Crime+1
184 True Crime now Sony Crime 2
10th February:
331/304 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Pirates
13th February:
175 My5 now 5SELECT (UK)
16th February:
598 DBN now VTV and moves to 868
17th February:
309/336 Sky Thriller now temporarily Sky Bourne
19th February:
309/336 Sky Bourne reverts to Sky Thriller
304/331 Sky Pirates reverts to Sky Greats
302/337 Sky Valentne reverts to Sky Drama
and 302 moves back to 310
Removed: 861 Urdu1 Europe
22nd February:
Removed: 795 &TV HD
&TV moves from 853 to 795
26th February:
304/331 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Oscars
309/336 Sky Thriller now temporarily Sky Spies
1st March:
353 MTV Love now MTV OMG
5th March:
307/334 Sky Action now temporarily WonderWomen
Zee TV moves from 788 to 853
New HD channel: 788 Zee TV HD
6th March:
309/336 Sky Spies reverts to Sky Thriller
12th March:
304/331 Sky Oscars reverts to Sky Greats
307/334 WonderWomen now temporarily Sky Action Men
13th March:
676 Craft Market now Shop Now
19th March:
Removed: 835 Zee Punjabi
New channel: 869 Sanskar
21st March:
Removed: 592 Believe TV
Removed: 593 Olive TV
New channel: 870 A1TV
24th March:
306/333 Sky Family now tempoarily Sky Animation
312/340 Sky Select now tempoarily Sky Classics
26th March:
307/334 Sky Action Men reverts to Sky Action
New channel: 835 Living Foodz
28th March:
New channel: 981 BBC RB HD (UK)
1st April:
608 Disney XD +1 now temporarily MarvelAvenger
308/335 Sky Comedy now temporarily Sky April Fools
2nd April:
308/335 Sky April Fools reverts to Sky Comedy
3rd April:
New channel: 871 Iran Int'l HD
7th April:
311/339 Sky ScFi/Horror now temporarily Sky Monsters
and temporarily swaps with 303/330
303/330 Sky Hits temporarily moves 311/339
11th April:
922 XXX Stepfam now XXX Booty
16th April:
306/333 Sky Animation reverts to Sky Family
Removed: 981 BBC RB HD (UK)
17th April:
New channel: 494 BTSptBoxOffHD
21st April:
304/331 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Superhero
24th April:
Temporary channel: 100/997 TV Guide Info
26th April:
Removed: 100/997 TV Guide Info
27th April:
Removed: 200 TLC +2
303/330 Sky Monsters reverts
30th April:
New channel: 200 Disc.Turbo+1
608 MarvelAvenger reverts to Disney XD +1
1st May:
Major channel reshuffle...
Removed: ITV Encore, ITV Encore HD and +1 (123/263/268) (UK)
New channel: 149/249 Quest Red / Quest Red+1 (IRL)
New channels: 954 BBC One Lon and 969 BBC Two Eng (ROI)
Viceland (284) now VICE (183)
Removed: 0205 Kanshi Radio
7th May:
327 Nollywood now Retro Movies
405/859 SkySp Golf now temporarily Sky Players
11th May:
Removed: 752 Channel i
14th May:
Restored: 752 Channel i
15th May:
405/859 Sky Players reverts to SkySp Golf
681 Rocks & Co now Juwelo UK
New channel: 742 Islam TV
18th May:
309/850 Sky Drama now temporarily SkyWeddings
21st May:
309/850 SkyWeddings reverts to Sky Drama
23rd May:
354 MTV DANCE now Club MTV
26th May:
302/843 Sky Hits now temporarily Sky Pirates
305/846 Sky Family now temporarily SkyAnimation
29th May:
Removed (temporary): 452 FAME TV
1st June:
373 Channel AKA now Massive R&B
Removed: 873 LFCTV (channel now HD only)
2nd June:
302/843 Sky Pirates reverts to Sky Hits
4th June:
303/844 Sky Superhero reverts to Sky Greats
0188 Absolute 70s now Hits Radio
5th June:
370 Chartshow Hits now temporarily Summer Hits
Restored: 452 FAME TV
915 XXX Age Gaps now XXX Petite
8th June:
Removed (temporary): 724 PTV Global
11th June:
305/846 SkyAnimation reverts to Sky Family
307/848 Sky Comedy now temporarily AdamSandler
and swaps places with 303/844 Sky Greats
405/859 SkySp Golf now temporarily Sky US Open
12th June:
Restored: 724 PTV Global
18th June:
303/844 AdamSandler reverts to Sky Comedy
and swaps back with 307/848 Sky Greats
19th June:
405/859 Sky US Open reverts to SkySp Golf
Removed (temporary): 429 Motorsport TV, 0151 Khushkhabri