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1st January:
415/888 At The Races now SkySp Racing
2nd January:
110/810 ChristmasGOLD reverts to GOLD (UK)
340 Xmas GOLDHD reverts to GOLD HD (IRL)
210 Xmas GOLD+1 reverts to GOLD+1
3rd January:
303/844 Sky Christmas reverts to Sky Drama
and swaps back with 309/850 Sky Classics
319/320 True Christmas reverts to True Movies
407/861 SkySp Action now temporarily SkySp USA
408/862 SkySp Darts reverts to SkySp Arena
4th January:
MTV BASE moves from 351 to 353
MTV HITS moves from 352 to 351
MTV OMG moves from 353 to 352
and moves from 355 to 357
MTV Classic moves from 356 to 355
MTV MUSIC+1 moves from 357 to 356
5th January:
303/844 Sky Classics reverts to Sky Greats
325/326 Christmas 24/+ reverts to Movies 24
7th January:
New channel: 0215 Virgin Radio
308/849 Sky Musicals reverts to Sky Select
and swaps back with 311/852 Sky Thriller
Showcase moves from 455 to 192
Removed: 192 CLTV, 681 Juwelo UK
8th January:
FreeSports restored to 429 (IRL)
682 QVC Xmas reverts to QVC Extra
11th January:
307/848 Sky Comedy now temporarily Sky Feel Good
Removed: 712 JUS Punjabi
12th January:
302/843 Sky Hits now temporarily Sky Megahits
18th January:
Removed (temporary): 773 iON TV
19th January:
303/844 Sky Greats now temporarily Spider-Man
21st January:
Restored: 773 iON TV
23rd January:
Aplus TV moves from 771 to 738
164/838 Lifetime SD/HD swap places
24th January:
Forces TV moves from 450 to 181
Removed: 838 Lifetime HD
28th January:
303/844 Spider-Man revert to Sky Greats
307/848 Sky Feel Good reverts to Sky Comedy
Removed (temporary): 759 TV 99
31st January:
Removed: 667 Retail TV
1st February:
303/844 Sky Greats now temporarily SkyAnimation
920 XXXDrs&Nurses now XXX Swingers
4th February:
New channel: 675 High Street TV 5
New channel (temporary): 523 Sky News Raw (HD)
303/844 SkyAnimation reverts to Sky Greats
High Street TV 2 moves from 668 to 667
High Street TV 3 moves from 672 to 668
High Street TV 4 moves from 675 to 672
5th February:
407/861 SkySp USA reverts to SkySp Action
6th February:
Removed: 523 Sky News Raw
163 H2 now History2 (GB)
196 H2 now History2 (IRL)
8th February:
303/844 Sky Greats & 309/850 Sky Drama temporarily swap places
305/846 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Lego
9th February:
302/843 Sky Megahits reverts to Sky Hits
303/844 Sky Drama now temporarily Sky Valentine
11th February:
305/846 Sky Lego reverts to Sky Family
MTV Beats moves from 776 to 717
12th February:
New channels: 195/889 Smithsonian
180/280 tru TV now True Crime
15th February:
305/846 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Lego
18th February:
303/844 Sky Valentine revert to Sky Drama
and swap back with 309/850 Sky Greats
303/844 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Oscars
305/846 Sky Lego now temporarily SkyAnimation
Removed: 970 BBC Two Scot (UK)
802 BBC Two Eng now BBC Two (GB)
969 BBC Two Eng now BBC Two (IRL)
20th February:
New channels: 457/876 BBC Scotland (UK)
25th February:
306/847 Sky Action now temporarily WonderWomen
1st March:
New channel: 505 CNBC HD
CNBC moves from 505 to 890
4th March:
189 Property Show now Fascination TV
303/844 Sky Oscars reverts to Sky Greats
305/846 SkyAnimation reverts to Sky Family
7th March:
Removed: 264 Lifetime+1
9th March:
303/844 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky5*Movies
11th March:
306/847 WonderWomen reverts to Sky Action
405/859 SkySp Golf now temporarily Sky Players
13th March:
Removed (temporary): 777 VTV
16th March:
310/851 Sky ScFi/Horror now temporarily Sky Aliens
18th March:
718 RishteyCine now ColorsCineplex
741 Rishtey now ColorsRishtey
19th March:
310/851 Sky Aliens reverts to Sky ScFi/Horror
405/859 Sky Players reverts to SkySp Golf
20th March:
160 PBS America & 174 VH1 swap places
173 Together & 194 BET:BlackEntTv swap places
Removed: 452 FAME TV
21st March:
Restored: 759 TV 99
23rd March:
302/843 Sky Hits now temporarily Sky Batman
305/846 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Spooky
25th March:
303/844 Sky5*Movies reverts to Sky Greats
Removed (temporary): 724 PTV Global
26th March:
Removed: 783 PTV Prime
Removed (temporary): 0151 Khushkhabri
27th March:
Restored: 724 PTV Global
29th March:
Restored: 0151 Khushkhabri
1st April:
CGTN moves from 509 to 891
New HD channel: 509 CGTN HD
302/843 Sky Batman reverts to Sky Hits
303/844 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Superhero
305/846 Sky Spooky reverts to Sky Family
307/848 Sky Comedy now temporarily SkyAprilFool
366 Chartshow Hits now temporarily Global Hits
2nd April:
307/848 SkyAprilFool reverts to Sky Comedy
5th April:
Removed: 451 Insight HD
10th April:
Removed: 185 propeller
12th April:
308/849 Sky Thriller & 311/852 Sky Select temporarily swap places
13th April:
308/849 Sky Select now temporarily Sky Musicals
15th April:
738 Aplus TV now B4U Plus
305/846 Sky Family now temporarily SkyAnimation
16th April:
Removed (temporary): 0186 Liberty
18th April:
Restored: 0186 Liberty
23rd April:
305/846 SkyAnimation reverts to Sky Family
24th April:
New channels: 900 Television X HD, 907 DirtyTalk
Television X moves from 903 to 925
TVXpornstars now Bangers and moves from 904 to 903
xrated40+ now 40+ and moves from 907 to 904
Removed: 900 TVXpaypernight, 905 TVXPPN2
25th April:
Removed: 685 Shop Now
26th April:
Removed (temporary): 0186 Liberty