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3rd January:
408/862 SkySp Darts reverts to SkySp Arena
4th January:
303/844 Sky Hits now temporarily Sky Megahits
325/326 Christmas 24/24+ reverts to Movies 24/24+
6th January:
306/847 SkyHarryPotter reverts to Sky Family
357 VH1 CHRISTMAS reverts to MTV ROCKS
620 NickJrPAWPatrol reverts to Nick Jr.Too
7th January:
Removed: 150/250 5Spike/5Spike+1 (UK)
Paramount moves from 153 to 150 (UK)
Removed: 160 VH1
5SELECT moves from 159 to 153 (UK)
Sky Greats moves from 308/849 to 304/845
Sky Comedy moves from 851/310 to 308/849
Sky Drama moves from 304/845 to 310/851
319/320 Sony Christmas/Xmas+1 reverts to Sony Classic/+1
369 Christmas Starz reverts to Starz TV
Restored: 490 BTSptBoxOffHD
8th January:
Removed: 782 iON TV
New channel: 0221 LBC News
Removed: 435 FreeSports (ROI)
9th January:
Box Hits moves from 360 to 358 (UK)
KISS moves from 361 to 360 (UK)
Magic moves from 362 to 361 (UK)
Kerrang! moves from 363 to 362 (UK)
13th January:
New channel: 435 LaLigaTV HD
New channel: 598 Celebration TV
14th January:
New channel: 250 Paramount+1
15th January:
Removed: 687 Sewing Quarter
17th January:
302/843 Sky Superhero now temporarily Will Smith
20th January:
494 BTSptBoxOff2HD now BTSBoxOffWWE
21st January:
158/258 Home/Home+1 now HGTV/HGTV+1 (UK)
162/262 Home/Home+1 now HGTV/HGTV+1 (ROI)
Removed: 327 Retro Movies, 756 Channel 44
Removed (temporary): 759 A1TV
24th January:
Removed: 493 ITV Box Off HD
27th January:
Removed: 113/213/813 (UK) Universal
New channel: 113/813 (UK) Sky Comedy
Removed: 342 (ROI)/213/113 Universal
New channel: 342 (ROI)/113 Sky Comedy
302/843 Will Smith now temporarily Sky Oscars
31st January:
Removed: 184 Horse & Country, 431 FrontRunner
1st February:
306/847 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Adventure
910 XXX Amateurs now XXX Public Pick
3rd February:
303/844 Sky Megahits reverts to Sky Hits
182 GN TV now Channel 7
Removed (temporary): 192 Showcase
Removed: 458 BEN
7th February:
Sky Cinema Comedy temporarily moves from 308/849 to 310/851
Sky Drama temporarily moves from 310/851 to 308/849
8th February:
308/349 Sky Drama now temporarily Sky Valentine
Restored: 458 BEN
15th February:
302/843 Sky Oscars now temporarily SkyAnimation
311/852 Sky ScFi/Horror now temporarily Sky Star Wars
17th February:
308/849 Sky Valentine reverts to Sky Drama
308/849 and 310/851 swap back
24th February:
302/843 SkyAnimation now temporarily Sky Superhero
306/847 Sky Adventure reverts to Sky Family
311/852 Sky Star Wars reverts to Sky ScFi/Horror
25th February:
Restored: 782 iON TV
Removed: 907 DirtyTalk
28th February:
355 MTV CLASSIC now temporarily MTV 80s
2nd March:
306/847 Sky Family now temporarily Sky Kids Books
310/851 Sky Drama and 308/849 Sky Comedy temporarily swap
Sky Drama now temporarily SkyWomenInFilm
5th March:
Removed: 912 Studio 66
6th March:
Pick moves from 152 to 159 (Channel Islands)
307/848 Sky Action temporarily swaps with 311/852 Sky ScFi/Horror
7th March:
307/848 Sky ScFi/Horror now temporarily Sky Monsters
Smithsonian HD moves from 195 to 160
9th March:
306/847 Sky Kids Books reverts to Sky Family
308/849 SkyWomemInFilm reverts and moves back to 310/851 Sky Drama
310/851 Sky Comedy moves back to 308/849
405/859 SkySp Golf now temporarily Sky Players
14th March:
405/859 Sky Players reverts to SkySp Golf
17th March:
Removed: 686 Smart Shop
20th March:
302/843 Sky Superhero now temporarily SkyAnimation
23rd March:
311/852 Sky Action swaps back with 307/848 Sky Monsters
Sky Monsters reverts to Sky ScFi/Horror
24th March:
306/847 SkyAnimation reverts to Sky Family
New channel: 330 OUTtv
25th March:
Restored: 756 Channel 44
27th March:
304/845 Sky Greats now temporarily Sky Musicals
28th March:
302/843 Sky Superhero now temporarily Sky Adventure
307/848 Sky Action now temporarily Sky Star Wars
1st April:
355 MTV 80s reverts to MTV CLASSIC
620 Nick Jr.Too now temporarily Nick Jr.Peppa
4th April:
306/847 Sky Family now temporarily SkyHarryPotter
10th April:
302/843 Sky Adventure now temporarily SkyAnimation
13th April:
302/843 Sky Animation now temporarily Sky Feel Good
14th April:
Smithsonian HD moves from 160 to 173
BET:BlackEntTv moves from 173 to 195
304/845 Sky Musicals reverts to Sky Greats
307/848 Sky Star Wars reverts to Sky Action
15th April:
Removed: 909 Meet the Babes
20th April:
New channel: 184 Hi-Impact TV
306/847 SkyHarryPotter reverts to Sky Family
302/843 Sky Feel Good now temporarily Sky Superhero
30th April:
Removed: 612 Disney XD+1
Removed: 678 PaversShoes.tv
1st May:
620 Nick Jr.Peppa now temporarily NickJrPawPatrol
2nd May:
302/843 Sky Superhero now temporarily Sky Twilight
4th May:
302/843 Sky Twilight now temporarily Sky Star Wars
8th May:
303/844 Sky Hits now temporarily Sky Men In Black
11th May:
302/843 Sky Star Wars now temporarily Sky Superhero
303/844 Sky Men In Black reverts to Sky Hits
12th May:
BabyTV moves from 622 to 612